What Clients Say About Coaching


"Being coached by Simone is a boost of positive energy to the heart and soul!  I had the privilege of experiencing one-on-one wellness coaching with Simone during the past year (2017-2018). We had the luxury of being able to meet for face-to-face coaching which helped to make the relationship very relaxed and open. We talked about many of my deepest life challenges and worked through some of my blocked paths. Simone is a ‘generous’ listener and this gift enabled her to gently guide me to my own solutions to complex emotional issues. She is also an expert interpreter of thought. On many occasions she was able to articulate my unprocessed thinking, which really helped to give voice to my thoughts. Simone has helped me to move forward in my life and thanks to her I have developed the inner strength to tackle some of my most difficult problems with confidence."

~Cyndi Corbett, planning to continue working with Simone

"Simone is the best!!!  Being coached by her is like talking with one of your dearest friends but who has the added flair to ask you the right questions leading you to unravel your hidden needs and dreams, have a crystal clear image of your own self and cheerfully figure out what you need to do to strive for what you want. I always look forward with enthusiasm to our encounter, am always amazed at the places we go and feel stronger, motivated and content by the end of our conversation. I wish we talked every day!  She has a clear gift for active listening, she catches on the fly what you’re saying –and even not saying!- and most importantly, she always makes you feel comfortable and never judged. So grateful our paths have crossed! Adds exceptional value to my life. Thanks for everything!!"
~Yanin López

"As a new mom, I was finding it difficult to balance the numerous (and constant!) needs of our baby girl, without allowing my mental and physical health and well being to be sidetracked. Simone's Walk and Learn groups provided a baby friendly atmosphere for me to concentrate on my own wellness needs, while getting some fresh air, and spending time with my little one. Simone was a fantastic coach, attentive listener, and guided well-prepared and interesting group discussions. I would highly recommend her Walk and Learn groups for all new moms!"

 ~ Amanda Dornan

"I attended Simone's workshops in the Spring. What I enjoyed most about the sessions were the thought provoking questions Simone would ask. They made me think about aspects of my life that I may not have thought about otherwise. Simone's questions would lead one to come up with their own solution to personal challenges. I left the sessions feeling motivated to implement new strategies to improve my overall health and wellness."

~ Hilary Ward

"Although I do not suffer from low self-esteem, I lacked the courage to try new things or make changes in my life. As a result, I often questioned my competency and worried about the future. Coaching challenged me to achieve more than what I thought myself capable of achieving. This encouraged me to pursue my own level of autonomy to achieve the desired end result.

~ Military Member, Canadian Armed Forces

"Simone radiates a sense of life and this helps encourage me to obtain that level of energy and happiness. Simone's personality is her best quality as a coach. The concern she shows for you goes above simply feeling like a client and this personal feeling makes you commit more!"

~ Military Member, Canadian Armed Forces

"By setting weekly goals (Simone) provided me with the motivation and accountability to actually prepare my own meals and begin to lose the weight that I have been struggling with for so long. It was and still is an amazing process for me! I thank you so much for that."

~ Military Member, Canadian Armed Forces

"My Wellness Coach met me at the pace I set and kept me on course through constant encouragement and reminding me of the progress I made. I learned that goals should be small enough to achieve and, if possible, challenging as well. Taking stock of my confidence level was an eye-opener for me, too, as I never really thought much about how that related to change. As I became more confident by taking small steps, then my confidence increased and that made success even more possible as I went along.  Working with a Wellness Coach is better than working alone and improves one's probability of achieving goals.

~ Officer, Canadian Armed Forces

"I am a person who knows what is required to do and can envision the end result. However, I lacked the commitment necessary to see it through. I am fairly successful at giving myself the excuses needed to accept the failure in meeting the goals.


Simone offered me the incentive required to make these objectives something that I had to meet. Her personalized engagement is what it took to make me commit to the plan. She offered timely advice but, more importantly, drew the comprehension and commitment out of me. This ability to increase my self-control is what enabled me to successfully press forward and maintain the effort required to meet the goals.


I was somewhat reluctant at first as I had envisioned coaching as a gym Nazi who was there to force me to do the “plan”. Simone did a good job of getting me to determine my own plan, determine the routine to accomplish the plan, and to make the commitment to see the plan through."

~ Military Member, Canadian Armed Forces

"I have never done life coaching before and my expectations were on the reserved side. However, by going through the process and having someone to help me analyze my situation, come up with goals and see the accomplishments of these goals really helped me to be a better me. I enjoyed my coaching experience very much. I would like to thank Simone for being a great coach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Military Member, Canadian Armed Forces

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