Wellness Services for Businesses

Employee wellness affects the bottom line. Business owners understand that healthy, happy employees are more productive, creative and have lower absenteeism than their counterparts. Traditional corporate wellness programs are often expensive and offer services employees may not even want. They can be difficult to adapt to the realities of small and medium sized businesses, offering low returns on investment.


Wellness coaching is different. Our programs engage employees to create their own personalized wellness plans and co-design a team plan for maximizing wellness in the workplace. Coaching empowers employees to become engaged and accountable for their well-being at work and at home, maximizing the efficacy and sustainability of our workplace programs.


Our engaging workshops get employees inspired, motivated and on the road to change. Our facilitators provide an experience, not a lecture, and ensure that employees leave with insightful discoveries and compelling action steps for change.


Personalized coaching is a powerful way to help employees succeed at healthy, sustainable change.  Our coaches create the conditions for success, meeting employees where they are and facilitating their journey to where they want to be.


Create the ultimate wellness package for your business! We will work with you to select the services and supports that best serve your employees and maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to learn more!


Classic Workshops

These interactive and productive workshops get change started! Our facilitators skillfully create a constructive, positive atmosphere and guide employees through activities that promote personal growth, self-discovery and learning.


Employees participate in individual, partner and group activities, leaving each workshop with tangible, personalized strategies for healthier living. Employees are encouraged to focus on areas of wellness that are important to them, such as stress relief, self-care, nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, etc., and develop strategies that are realistic and possible given their current priorities and lifestyle. Customized workbooks can be created to enhance participants' experiences. Workshops can be offered individually, or as a series, and include topics such as:

  • Getting Change Started: discovering your unique destination
  • I've Got This! Embracing challenges to maximize success
  • Securing Support: how to involve your network and stay on track

Walking Workshops

These workshops were made for walking!


Walking workshops offer both physical activity and personal discovery. Where walking meetings sometimes fall short, these workshops are uniquely designed to get employees moving while creatively engaging in a wellness-centered discussion.


Our skilled facilitators will select the route and guide conversation that promotes creativity, openness and learning in a relaxed, natural environment; the physical exercise is a bonus! Choose from a range of discussion topics, or let the group decide!




Private Coaching

Private coaching empowers employees to take control of their holistic well-being at work and at home. 


Our coaches expertly tailor each coaching session to the employee; employees learn to carve away distractions, prioritize areas of wellness, and develop the skills they need to build and accomplish a sustainable wellness plan.


Our coaches encourage clients to become self-sufficient and coach them to masterfully create change, meet challenges with ease and resilience, and independently sustain their healthy lifestyle.

Group Coaching

What do your employees value about living healthy lives? What motivates them? What workplace programming would best support them? These discoveries are key to building a healthy workplace. Our coaches guide employees through creating a vision of their ideal healthy workplace, and assist them in implementing unique strategies to make this vision reality.


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