Fitness Coaching

There is so much more to being fit than looking fit. Everyone's dream of ideal physical fitness is, and should be, unique. Canned fitness programs don't work, and some are dangerous. Customized programs created by fitness professionals are better, but can become repetitive and difficult to stick to long-term. Fitness coaching brings together Exercise Physiology and Wellness Coaching into one empowering package. We'll get you moving in a safe and productive way AND work on keeping you motivated and equipped for long-term results. We co-create your program and you learn how to adapt the program to your life, interests and fitness level indefinitely!

Fitness coaching takes a holistic approach to your fitness. We work on more than just exercises: we create a lifestyle plan. Our ultimate goal is to have your fitness program become an enjoyable and wanted part of your lifestyle, not something you work to "fit in" or guilt yourself into doing.


Fitness coaching is ideal for those who have tried a fitness program before, and have struggled to maintain results long-term. It is also ideal for people new to exercise, those who would like ongoing support, and those who require the services of an Exercise Physiologist (beyond those of a personal trainer). Find more on what an Exercise Physiologist does here.


Fitness Assessment

Our first fitness session will include physical measurements, a physical movement assessment and a fitness-focused coaching discussion.


Using these assessments, we will co-create your unique fitness plan. This plan will take into account your interests, preferences and goals, and incorporate Exercise Physiology expertise in order to ensure optimal results.

Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coaching sessions will help you to create the conditions you need to succeed.


The first session will be a 1.5 hour session, during which we will build the foundation for your wellness plan, your vision and your long-term goals.


Our ongoing coaching sessions will provide you with support and guidance as you experiment with new behaviors. You will celebrate new heights of success, and learn from challenges and struggles. During these sessions, I will help you build the skills you need to sustain healthy change long-term, on your own.

Fitness Sessions

The follow-up fitness sessions focus on your progress, your level of interest in the activities chosen, and  making any necessary changes.


We will take time to go through your exercises and activities to ensure that you are comfortable with them. I will help you develop progressions for your activities that will keep you motivated, interested and progressing towards your goals.


We will also use this time to discuss any challenges you have encountered, and come up with strategies to keep you on track.


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