Group Services

Group Coaching

Group coaching offers a wonderful opportunity for small groups (up to 8 people) to experience coaching in a supportive and social environment. Each session is facilitated by a coach and augmented by group discussions and break-out work. Group members work both individually and collectively in pursuit of similar (but not necessarily identical) goals. Please contact us for more information on a customized coaching package for your group.

Dynamic Workshops

We offer dynamic and interactive workshops that educate, engage and motivate participants to take charge of their well-being. Workshops and workshop series are tailored to each group and are a perfect addition to workplace wellness programs, community groups and health services. Participants benefit from expert speakers, evidence-based education materials and customized coaching support. Contact us to customize your workshop!

Walk and Learn Program

Do you have a group of people who would like to increase their physical activity and learn new skills for adopting meaningful, healthy change? This program offers a perfect balance between group coaching, socializing, and exercise. Get your coworkers, friends, club, or community group mobilized with this fun and inspiring program!


Client Comments

I attended Simone's workshops in the Spring. What I enjoyed most about the sessions were the thought provoking questions Simone would ask. They made me think about aspects of my life that I may not have thought about otherwise. Simone's questions would lead one to come up with their own solution to personal challenges. I left the sessions feeling motivated to implement new strategies to improve my overall health and wellness.  ~ Hilary Ward

As a new mom, I was finding it difficult to balance the numerous (and constant!) needs of our baby girl, without allowing my mental and physical health and well being to be sidetracked. Simone ' s Walk and Learn groups provided a baby friendly atmosphere for me to concentrate on my own wellness needs, while getting some fresh air, and spending time with my little one. Simone was a fantastic coach, attentive listener, and guided well-prepared and interesting group discussions. I would highly recommend her Walk and Learn groups for all new moms! ~ Amanda Dornan

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