My Top 3 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

There really isn't anyone quite like Mom. For those of us lucky enough to have grown up with a supportive Mom, Mother's Day reminds us how amazing they really are.


It is only very recently that I have been able to connect with this relationship from the other side - the being a Mom side. Over the past year I have had to make major adjustments to my personal priorities in order to take on a primary care-giver role. EVERYTHING else in my life has taken a back seat. Personal sacrifices have been made, but my family has thrived.


I am not sure if my kids will ever know that this has been hard for me, and I'm not really sure that such knowledge would be of any benefit. My goal has been to have them feel loved, supported and cared-for even though their Papa can't be there as much as we  would like him to be. In this, at least, I feel that I have succeeded.


This Mother's Day, I feel inspired to share a few Mother's Day gift ideas that honour the fierce commitment our Mothers make to us. Feel free to comment below with your ideas, and to share how you will be thanking Mom this year!


My Mother's Day Gift List!


1. Be Supportive of Self-care

My husband recently asked what I had planned for the day. I responded with a long list of things that began with chores and tasks for the family and ended with the things that were for me. He then suggested that I do everything in reverse order. Bing! Light bulb! Even a wellness professional can fall into the "I have to take care of everything and everyone before me" trap.


Being truly supportive of self-care empowers your loved ones to prioritize it themselves. Family commitments and time constraints are among the most common reasons why people don't live healthy lifestyles. The more consistently (and selflessly) you support Mom to practice healthy habits, the more you empower her to take care of her physical, emotional and psychological self. I can't think of a more loving act!


2. Create a Sacred Space for Mom

Now this may sound a bit spiritual, but even in a secular sense it has serious value. Choose a cozy space (not in a high-traffic area) and completely clear it of personal items, clutter and non-essential furniture. It doesn't have to be large, just calm and as removed from the main living spaces as possible. Imagine Mom at her most relaxed. What kinds of things would she like to have in her space? What would remind her of how much you love and appreciate her? Start populating the space with calming, cozy items that you think communicate love and would make her comfortable. You could choose comfort items (pillows, mats, blankets), books, yoga items, spiritual objects, pictures, music, whatever you think she'd enjoy. Commit to reserving this space for her and keeping the rest of the family (and their stuff!) out.


3. Make a "How I Know Mom Loves Me" Picture / List / Story

I can just imagine how cute and heart-melting this would be with my 3 and 5 year old! Think of a few things that Mom has done recently that really made you feel loved. What did she do? Why was it important to you? If you are helping small children, you may be surprised at what they think of! Create a card, poster with drawings or other craft about these stories and share it with Mom on Mother's Day. Melt!


From my heart to yours, Happy Mother's Day.


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