Seasonal Tips

Seasonal Tips · 06. April 2018
Welcome spring! Here are some great seasonal tips to get you moving into spring with health and well-being front-of-mind.

Seasonal Tips · 15. December 2017
While it may seem counter-intuitive, the Holiday Season offers rich opportunities to cultivate wellness. It really depends on your perspective. Taking the time to develop a few intentions (and strategies) can really increase your ability to soak up the seasonal benefits and shrug off the rest!

Seasonal Tips · 02. May 2017
There really isn't anyone quite like Mom. This Mother's Day, I share a my top 3 Mother's Day gift ideas to honour the fierce commitment our Moms make to us. Spruce up that spring bouquet with these healthy ways to show the Mom in your life how much you care. Happy Mother's Day!

Seasonal Tips · 14. September 2016
It's Autumn already! Red leaves and school buses have made their debut, and my family's Fall rituals have begun. Like many families, this season gets a little frantic with choosing, registering, and scheduling programs, figuring out school bus routes, work schedules, and calendars, cleaning and packing summer stuff, searching for cold-weather gear, buying whatever no longer fits ...BREATHE... Busy time? You got it!

Seasonal Tips · 15. February 2016
Winter in Canada is always interesting. In addition to the normal pressures of daily life, there is the ever-present possibility of weather-related complications. We deal with school closures, illnesses, endless shoveling, weeks of rain - whatever your Canadian climate, you have likely experienced some winter-related frustration. While the weather may be out of our control, what we do have control over is our experience of it. Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay mindful and appreciative...