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Military Life · 20. September 2017
Prepare and plan as we may, pain is an inevitable part of the human experience. Have you ever planned how you will respond to emotional pain? Read my story and discover the practice of self-compassion and how it can be a lifeline for spouses of deployed military members.

Military Life · 11. August 2017
What does success look like? This is a tricky question to answer when you are faced with a challenge like the military deployment of a spouse. This blog discusses how our definition of success affects our well-being, and how my vision of success helped get me through deployment.

Military Life · 02. August 2017
Planning is important - we all know that. So where should we start when facing a military deployment? Find out some of the strategies that worked best for me.

Military Life · 31. July 2017
Distance is difficult - especially when it's due to a military deployment. Over the next few weeks I will share some of my experiences, successes, tips and lessons learned over this last 9 months of separation and reunification...all with a health and wellness focus!