The Way to Weight Wellness - Introduction to the Blog Series

When I ask new clients what they hope to accomplish during our work together, most clients tell me that they desire some degree of weight loss. What we often discover after a couple of sessions, however, is that each client's ability to lose weight is inextricably linked to other parts of their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Sustainable weight loss is rarely, if ever, as simple as calories in = calories out. If it were this easy most of us would be living at our ideal weight!

While a quick-fix diet or exercise program may lead to fast-tracked results, the likelihood of long-term success is discouragingly low. In addition to the physical dangers of restrictive dieting and excessive exercise, the emotional consequences often include feelings of rebellion, deprivation and, once the weight is regained, failure.

This series will focus on topics that I have discovered are fundamental to a client's ability to lose weight before they even start to manipulate their diet and exercise routines, and will include some practical tips for getting on the road to success!


Stay tuned next week for Part 1 of this series: "Being Mindful of Self-Talk" and get ready to lay the ground-work for lasting results and real change - just in time for summer! Enjoy the Easter long weekend!

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