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Weight Wellness · 08. May 2016
Has something ever happened that guilted you into starting a weight loss regime? Perhaps you discovered that you had outgrown a favorite outfit; maybe you overheard a child making an insensitive comment. These events stick with us, forcing us to acknowledge that we are not where we want to be. This emotionally-charged and uncomfortable process often inspires us to jump into action and try to lose weight as quickly as possible.

Weight Wellness · 11. April 2016
If there is one thing in life that is certain, its uncertainty! As hard as we try, there will inevitably be circumstances we don't expect. This reality can be frustrating and discouraging when we are trying to make lifestyle changes. Its normal to get caught up in the disappointment of not meeting our goals and expectations. Our success with new behaviors is very much dependent on how we deal with these inevitable situations. Preparing ourselves to meet 'failure' with flexibility and creativity...

Weight Wellness · 23. March 2016
Self Talk Our relationships with our weight scales, mirrors and perceptions of how we "measure-up" have a dramatic effect on us. There are countless cues throughout the day that remind us to evaluate ourselves: we sit down and notice where our pants feel tight, we look in the mirror and notice how tired we look, we see a colleague walk by with a gym bag and we compare our own physique and exercise habits... our days are packed with mini judgements and we rarely, if ever, stop to consider how...

Weight Wellness · 23. March 2016
When I ask new clients what they hope to accomplish during our work together, most clients tell me that they desire some degree of weight loss. What we often discover after a couple of sessions, however, is that each client's ability to lose weight is inextricably linked to other parts of their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Sustainable weight loss is rarely, if ever, as simple as calories in = calories out. If it were this easy most of us would be living at our ideal weight!